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The history of the Group of thermodynamics of Complexes dates back to 1972, when the italian “Gruppo di Termodinamica dei Complessi” was constituted. The researchers belonging to that group established a plan to coordinate research covering the thermodynamics of metal complexes and to promote activities directed towards the growth of knowledge in this field. They held their first meeting in Parma in 1973.

Through the years, the achievements of the group have been the unification of various methodologies in the study of the thermodynamics of metal complexes, the development of different experimental techniques, the adoption worldwide of calculation methods, and the establishment of International Schools. These Schools, through the years, helped to train excellent international scientists in this field and have been an aid to many fruitful collaborations.

Thanks to the participation of Spanish colleagues, the annual meeting evolved into the Italian – Spanish Meeting of Thermodynamic of Metal Complexes “ISMEC” in 1989, which from then on was held in alternate years in Italy and Spain. The main discussions of interest have been;

•  Solution equilibria in aqueous and non-aqueous solvents,
•  Thermodynamical properties and structural correlations,
•  Calculation methods in the study of solution equilibria,
•  Metal complexes of biomedical interest,
•  Metal complexes of environmental interest,
•  Technical and analytical applications of metal complexes,
•  Thermodynamics of ion exchange,
•  Thermodynamical aspects of macromolecular and supramolecular interactions.

Over the years the conferences have attracted the active involvement of scientists from many different countries, so that at the meeting in 2010 we realized that the acquired scientific knowledge, the availability of the most up to date techniques and methodologies, and the spirit of collaboration would be best accomplished through this International GTC group.

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