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Pulidori Award

Starting from 2007, each year, in the occasion of the ISMEC Symposium , the Fernando Pulidori  Prize is awarded to a young researcher, author of an original paper published in the last three years or accepted for publication at the deadline of application.

  • Candidates should be not more than 35 years old, PhD students or grantees at a University or Research Centre.
  • Candidates should present a copy of the paper in PDF format, together with a curriculum vitae and summary of scientific activity.

Submitted applications are evaluated by The Scientific Committee of the ISMEC Congress: the scientific impact of the paper, its originality and innovative character in the field of thermodynamics and/or kinetics of complexes in solution, the curriculum of the applicant and his/her contribution to the research are taken into account.

The winner will take part in ISMEC Symposium with the registration free of charge, he/she will be awarded a prize of 250 € and he/she will have the chance to orally present the winning paper at the award ceremony. An extended abstract of the winner’s scientific activity will be published in “La Chimica e l’Industria”, the official journal of the Italian Chemical Society.

The past winners of the Pulidori Prize

1st edition: ISMEC 2007 – Cagliari: Alessia Boggioni (University of Pisa) and Marcello Gennari (University of Parma);

2nd edition: ISMEC 2009 – Pisa: Silvia Biagini (University of Firenze) and Joanna Lachowicz (University of Cagliari);

3rd edition: ISMEC 2010 – Bilbao: Gabriele Lando (University of Messina);

4th edition: ISMEC 2011 – Giardini Naxos: Elisa Turriani (University of Pisa);

5th edition: ISMEC 2012 – Lisboa: Jorge González García (University of Valencia);

6th edition: ISMEC 2013 – Burgos: Greta Bergamaschi (University of Pavia);

7th edition: ISMEC 2014 – Pavia: Sławomir Potocki (University of Wroclaw);

8th edition: ISMEC 2015 – Wroclaw: Matteo Savastano (University of Firenze);

9th edition: ISMEC 2016 – Barcelona: Natalia Busto Vásquez (University of Burgos).

10thedition: ISMEC 2017 – Dijon:  Sergey Adonin (Russian Academy of Science, Moskow).

11thedition: ISMEC 2018 – Florence:  Norbert Lihi (University of Debrecen).

12thedition: ISMEC 2019 – Debrecen:  Anna Irto (University of Messina) and Álvaro Martinez-Camarena (University of Valencia)

Fernando Pulidori (1928-2007)


Fernando Pulidori was born on June 26th, 1928 in Ferrara, Italy.

Education: Graduated in 1958 in Chemistry at the University of Ferrara, after five years in the food industry. In 1968 he completed his PhD in Physical Chemistry.

Employments: volunteer researcher at the Institute of Chemistry at the University of Ferrara (1958-60), lecturer in Experimental Physical Chemistry (1960-68), Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry (1968-80) and Full Professor of Instrumental Analytical Chemistry (1981-2000) of the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Ferrara. Head of the Chemistry Department (1988-1994) and President of the Italian Group of Thermodynamics of Complexes within the Italian Chemical Society.

Main research fields:

  • Solution equilibria: thermodynamic studies on formation of metal complexes with low-molecular weight ligands, stereoselective effects in ternary complex formation and their application in resolution of enantiomer mixtures.
  • Solute-solvent interactions of model organic compounds in aqueous solutions. Hydrophilic-hydrophobic interactions and solvation models.
  • Dipole moments in apolar solvents; corrosion and inhibition of iron corrosion; adsorption of organic compounds at polarized interfaces and electrical double layer structure; electroreduction mechanisms of organic compounds of environmental interest.